Cheek and Lip Augmentation

Effectively smooth wrinkles and add volume

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation or cheek enhancement is a simple office procedure that can be performed to effectively restore lost volume and regain youthful facial attractiveness. High cheek bones are a hallmark of facial beauty. Central facial volume is lost during the ageing process hence eliminating the triangular or love heart facial contour. A cheek augmentation involves using complex sugars and fillers (dermal fillers) to safely and effectively add volume to the mid face and cheek area, smoothing wrinkles and adding volume.

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Lip Augmentation

Fuller lips are a distinguishing characteristic of beauty. Lip augmentation is helpful for people with small, thin/deflated lips, asymmetry of the lips, reconstructive needs, drooping or sagging upper lip, lack of colour, wrinkling from smoking or ageing and other complaints. Dr Imani uses time proven, safe techniques and FDA and TGA approved dermal fillers. These fillers have moderately long lasting results (6-24 months), are completely bio absorbable and allergy free.

The ageing process deflates the lips and they lose their fullness. There is a tendency to lose the outer part of the lip therefore reducing the horizontal breadth of the lip as well. With loss of volume, the lip shrinks, the Cupid’s bow flattens and the vertical lip lines (smoker’s lines) are formed. Some procedures such as laser resurfacing and chemical peels are designed to treat many of these lines. However, it is the loss of soft tissue and underlying muscular activity that is the main cause of the lines. By replacing the soft tissue through lip augmentation, the deeper vertical lip grooves and lines are reduced and the hanging corners of the mouth are raised up.

A consultation with Dr Imani is advisable for information about cheek augmentation or lip augmentation as he will be able to discuss with you every available option, from surgical to non surgical, for the best results!

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Are there risks involved?

Yes. There are risks involved in all medical procedures. Dr Imani will gladly discuss and disclose all possible risks, benefits and alternatives involved at the time of consultation. Our practice staff will provide you with written procedure specific information sheets after your consultation. Common mild transient side effects include swelling, redness, tenderness, and bruising.


Topical and local anaesthetic.



Length of Surgery:

30 minutes-1 hour.

Pain Score:

Minimal pain, relieved with simple pain killer.


A light cream will be provided to be used after the procedure.

Recovery and getting back to work:

Back to work the next day, avoid alcohol, aspirin and Neurofen (NSAIDs). Take Arnica tablets starting 24 hours prior to injections and continue for five days post injection. The use of cold compresses will also aid in reducing any swelling.

Duration of Results:

6-12 months.

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