Reconstructive Nose Surgery Perth

Reconstructive Nose Surgery Perth

The nose is arguably the most prominent aspect of the face, occupying a prominent place in the centre of the face. Reconstructive nose surgery involves alterations and aesthetic details that cannot be easily hidden with clothing or apparel.

The three dimensionality of the nose allows slight structural modifications to have great ramifications. Thus, it is important to ensure you see a specialist in reconstructive nose surgery who is rehearsed in the great many nuances the nose possesses.

Dr Imani performs nasal reconstructive procedures on patients who require revision rhinoplasty, have birth-related defects (genetic), or have suffered trauma or disease (such as skin cancers). Reconstructive nose surgery is used to correct both form and function (such as the nasal airway) in these instances.

Classic post rhinoplasty deformities such as the pinched tip, Polly beak deformity, alar collapse/retraction, and 'V' shaped deformity are all problems that can be corrected through reconstructive nose surgery (and revision rhinoplasty). Dr Imani uses reconstructive procedures to produce aesthetically optimal results, restoring both the form and function of the nose.

Cartilage Grafts

Often cartilage grafts are used in reconstructive nose surgery and can be obtained from either the nasal septum or ear. These grafts are used to define or strengthen the nose in certain regions to give the desired cosmetic result.

Often in revision rhinoplasty cases, the septal cartilage may have already been removed and ear cartilage is required. Ear cartilage or auricular cartilage can be removed through a tiny incision in the ear and does not change the ear shape. A very large portion of ear cartilage can be removed without anyone noticing.

In more dramatic cases cartilage may need to be obtained from both ears when larger cartilage grafts are needed.

Lastly, in traumatic nasal deformities of large revision cases cartilage can also be obtained from the rib cage. If rib cartilage is needed Dr. Imani will discuss this in length with you prior to your surgery, and again this is only in the most extreme circumstances.

Reconstructive nose surgery requires your surgeon to have good aesthetic judgement and almost mathematical precision in planning the procedure. Dr Imani’s extensive training in ear, nose and throat, head and neck surgery and facial plastic surgery provides him with the best set of skills to achieve optimal results.

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