Skin Cancer Surgery

Reconstructive Facial Surgery

Reconstruction of the skin and deeper tissues of the face may be necessary because of injury or following removal of skin tumors, or even for congenital facial deformities. The reconstruction is performed in theatre facilities at an accredited hospital. We will usually use tissue from an adjacent region to repair the defect so that the tissue matches the surrounding areas as closely as possible.

More than one operation may be necessary to achieve the best result. Since these reconstructions can vary depending upon the defect, we will discuss with you all of the steps planned for your reconstruction at the time of your pre-operative visit to our office.

Are there risks involved?

Yes. There are risks involved in all medical procedures. Dr Imani will gladly discuss and disclose all possible risks, benefits and alternatives involved at the time of consultation. Our practice staff will provide you with written procedure specific information sheets after your consultation.


Local anaesthetic with or without sedation, or general anaesthesia.


Outpatient/same day.

Length of Surgery:


Pain Score:

Minimal pain, relieved with simple pain killer.


You may have dressings placed on or ointment applied to the area of surgery. You will be given clear instructions for the care of your skin.

Recovery and getting back to work:

Back to work: 1-2 days, longer if extensive reconstruction is performed.

Normal social, recreational, travel activities: 1-2 weeks.

More strenuous activities: 2-3 weeks.

Avoid more strenuous impact exercises or activities and direct sun exposure: 6-8 weeks.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified surgeon.

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